About Royale Developments

About Royale Developments

Royale Developments (RoyDev) is a company that arose from the systemic gathering of skills targeted at the successful conceptualisation, development, undertaking and implementation of developmental and infrastructure projects. While our roots lie in land and project development, we are uniquely placed to undertake developments of all magnitudes in different spheres including infrastructure, such as power generation, power lines, roads, dams etc.



To develop land, deliver housing, develop infrastructure, create wealth


To become Africa’s leading housing, property and infrastructure development and holding company.


To help every African achieve their housing aspirations

Our Values

Royale Developments' Strategy

Our victory strategy is

We gather the best skills (both internal and external) and apply them to exceptional opportunities, with the view and result that optimal returns and value for investors, clients, stakeholders and Royale are realised.

We evaluate each project on the basis of skills demand, financial demand, economic value, financial value and social value.

We choose carefully what projects or mandates to accept or undertake carefully. When we accept and take on a project, this literally means that its success is guaranteed because we will not allow ourselves to fail.

We invest our clients, investors or own resources on projects with optimal financial and social benefit and the added bonus of legacy and generational impact.

We guard our reputation jealously. We do not allow ourselves or any other to impinge on our reputation.

We identify and place funding for projects from our various and respected pool of global investors.

We undertake BOOT (Build Own Operate Transfer) and other types of projects.

We also invest our own resources into some projects. We do not do so, save that we are sure our investment and that of our various investors and stakeholders are not only safe, but also profitable.

We procure our projects by creative conception which allows us to create our own opportunities and projects, as well as participate in works created by others. Though we generally try to avoid tendering, we are happy to participate in equitable bidding processes.

Project Development Cycle